Sowing Seeds

Today, life moved forward.  Today, we laid a friend to rest.  He was more than a friend; he was more like a father to me.  One of the first families that we met when we moved to Dallas from California in 1995.  We quickly became extended family.

George created a great life.  He served his country with pride.  He had a long term love affair with his beautiful wife, was blessed with four children, many grandchildren and even more great grandchildren.  He boated, fished, hunted, loved nature and loved to work.   Mostly, he loved.

The service started with “You can only Imagine”.  Perfect song, because that is what most people there hope for.  To imagine having a fulfilling life like George.  Family talked about sowing seeds while on earth.  Yes, we must, so future generations can reap gratitude, honesty, faithfulness, loyalty.

Today, we laid to rest a man who impacted so many lives.  Touched in kindness and love.  Yes, George had his share of challenges, loss and misfortunes.  But he always stayed focused on God, who helped him through the rough times.

There is something peaceful about final goodbyes to an elderly person, who lived a full life.  It is easier to understand than saying goodbye to a youth.  But who are we to question?  It is our job to sow seeds, show kindness and love.  There is a plan that we do not know.  We just must have faith.  Like my father, George showed me what faith really looks like. 

Rest in Peace George Adolph Lindberg.  Enjoy the Kingdom of God, that you so much deserve.  Thank you for loving our family.

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