Court Programs

Winning The Fight works with Denton County Juvenile Court, Flower Mound Municipal Court, and the Lewisville/ Flower Mound Teen Court.  The judge often determines that the defendant complete the Winning The Fight program.  They go on-line, select the court, and do the program.  When completed, it gets submitted to that court indicating completion and the judge/clerk can see what they did.


      • Watch 45 minute “Just Once” documentary
      • Write 3 paragraphs of what they thought about the film.
      • Watch 45-minute video of Specific Drugs, how they react in the body and possible consequences.
      • Complete a 10 multiple choice quiz
      • Write 3 things that they did not know prior to the video.

Revitalization Retreat

One day retreat for families that are experiencing PTSD, anxiety, and other mental health issues due to a loved one’s substance use or the loss of a loved one. Day includes:

      • Mindfulness Therapy
      • Art Therapy
      • Music Therapy
      • Somatic Therapy
      • Sand Therapy
      • Comedy Therapy
      • Yoga Therapy
      • Lunch
      • Fellowship
      • Relaxing/Hiking grounds during free time

Juvenile Probation Program

Work with all adolescent probation departments in Denton County.  When an adolescent meets with their probation officer for the first time, the parents receive a folder full of resources and help for themselves.  We also write grants for some cities citizens to also receive a free drug test.

BetteRx Safe Than Sorry

National Educational program about the importance of installing a biometric/ keypad safe into every home to ensure prescription medications and OTC medications are locked up, away from possible drug seekers.

Just Breathe

This is a 1/2-day complimentary event for those suffering from Anxiety. Winning The Fight brings in the documentary “Angst” with Michael Phelps cameo. Watch 45-minute film, then each participant has the ability to go to (2) 45-minute workshops, taught by professional therapists/psychiatrists to get hands on tools to help them/ family member with anxiety. Approximately 400 people attend.  Promoted by ISD and many doctors. Help once per year.  Try to move around to other towns/ counties.

Winner's Circle Meeting

A monthly family support group meeting for parents and youth. Mostly parents. It is run similar to IOP in that there is a topic to be discussed each meeting.

Missing Pieces

Monthly support group meeting for anyone that has lost a loved one to substance use.

Love it Forward

Several parents go to a sober living house and feed the residents home made food, have fellowship, and take them a corn-hole game to leave at the sober home. Loving on residents and letting them know we are there to support and praise for their valiant efforts at recovery.

Stompin' Stigma

Yearly 5K Race to bring awareness to addiction. Also, a fundraiser for Winning The Fight.

Swim to Win

Yearly metered swim to bring awareness about addiction to the swimming community and raise funds for Winning The Fight!

Not Me / Not Me II / Just Once

Not Me / Not Me II / Just Once are all a documentaries of the lives of 4 Parents and 4 Youth. They discuss their challenges, successes and insight of what their journey through addiction and recovery was like.