We Must Speak LOUDLY!

The other day, I was going through Facebook and came across a phrase/photo that said, “So if a kid has an allergic reaction, the parents have to pay a ridiculous price for an Epi pen.  But a junkie who as OD’d for their 15th time gets Narcan for free?  What a screwed up world we live in.” 
Of course, I had to comment and let the person know that my son, Brett, was a heroin addict. He was a great friend, a wonderful son, and a child of God.  We paid dearly for the Narcan used for him.  I also let her know how offended I was from her post.

Poster responded that she had to pay $400.00 out of pocket for an Epi pen.  Some of the comments made on this feed, made my stomach turn.  I unfriended her and moved on.  Then I got a private message from someone that read through the feed and wanted to let me know how sorry she was that this was posted and how wrong it all was.

Because I unfriended her, I could no longer see the feed.  However, I was told that I was really thrown under the bus, and there was even a comment that “Maybe the junkie will die on the 13th OD and save some money.”

Why the need to blame the disease of addiction instead of blaming Big Pharma?  STIGMA!

We must SPEAK LOUDLY!  Things must change.  Addiction is a disease, not a moral problem.  We must educate these people.  I am still sickened by this, but know that we have so much work to do so that those “Junkies” get the medical help that they need without the judgement that they now get.