Yesterday, we took a leap

Yesterday we took a leap forward.
The last family photo we did was in 2008.  When it came time for our 2009 family photo, Brett was in rehab.   I figured we could still do the photo and it would be fun to do the “Wizard of Oz”.  Then a friend said, “What are you thinking?  Your life is not a F**ing fairy tail”. 
She was right.  I was trying so hard to make things normal, but they weren’t.  We were fighting for Brett’s life.  No picture was done for 2009, and he died in 2010.  We have not done a picture since.
Until yesterday.
Kyle and Claire came up from Houston, and Sue Brandvold Decker gave us the opportunity to move forward.  Yes, we had Brett with us, as he always will be.   There was a point where Kyle and Ben were taking photos together and I realized that God created this beautiful family who loves, laughs and also hurts at our loss.  But, it was his plan all along. 
Yesterday, we got back on the trail and it felt really great.