Today is the first day of Red Ribbon Week.  Our mission is to give you information that you can share with your family.

Here is a great video “Understanding addiction as a disease”.  Many people do not understand that Addiction is a disease, not a moral failure.   This video explains it in a very simple manner.  It is appropriate for those from 4th grade and up.

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The substance that causes the most overdoses is Alcohol, also known as ethanol.  Often, we think about how it is just something that kids do.  “A rite of passage”.  However, we really need to understand that they will experiment, especially with their friends.  Peer Acceptance.  They drink, they drink fast, and they put themselves in danger.  If there is a problem, they get scared and make poor decisions.  Their frontal lobe is not developed yet.  They are kids.

I often tell our youth….  “So you go to a party and some kids may be drinking.  You see a guy passed out on the couch or maybe someone is throwing up.  You laugh and maybe pull out your phone and take a few pictures.  But you have to understand that this person is already in trouble.  Their body is starting to react to the alcohol.  You have a choice at this point.  You either babysit and make sure that they are OK, or you call for help.  Regardless, you get them into the Recovery Position to make sure they do not aspirate. Friends do not let friends die.”

Here is a story that a family shared to help educate to the dangers of alcohol, and the domino effect of bad decisions.  Please share this with your family and discuss. 

15 Shots of Vodka Killed Our Daughter

Here are a few questions to discuss after reading this story.

  • What do you think about Shelby doing 15 shots of vodka?
  • Do you think that her friends should have stopped her or that they did not really know the possibility that she could have died from alcohol poisoning?
  • Do you think that the father should have left them with alcohol before he went to bed?
  • What would you do if you were in this position?

Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

You’re likely to see things on this list that you’ve either seen in others or experienced yourself when drinking. Just because you’re still here doesn’t mean these aren’t serious symptoms. A drunk person who’s confused and complaining of nausea is at risk. It’s not good enough to simply drive them home and tuck them into bed. At an absolute minimum, a sober person will need to stay nearby to see if he or she gets worse.

Call 911 immediately for an intoxicated person who has any of the following symptoms:

 Alcohol Poisoning Treatment

There are a lot of myths about treating alcohol intoxication, but there isn’t a cure. The only way to sober up is with time. Calling 911 or taking the intoxicated person to the hospital is the only safe way to treat alcohol poisoning.

The most important first aid for alcohol poisoning—after calling 911—is to keep the person safe until help arrives. The most important issue is protecting the person from choking on his or her own vomit by putting them in recovery position, shown below.




 Soccer Ball Lesson
Soccer Ball is a game that you throw a ball that has words on it.  Whatever word your thumb lands on, you learn about that word.  Today’s words are:

Wax Weed             LSD               Alcohol



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