What Path Are You On?

Have you ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure Book? The story is written in second person and assigns the reader as the main character. He or she is then given the ability to choose the path the story embarks on; similar to life. Although the details may change from one path to another, the basic plot, an adventure, stays the same. We’re born, we live, and we die.

According to Addiction Center, there are over 20 million people in America battling substance abuse. With a population the size of Texas, this results in almost half of society experiencing the lifelong journey of addiction or recovery with a loved one.  At Winning The FIght, heart wrenching stories are shared leaving us all asking “What Next?” Although there is a basic guideline to win the fight it’s not a one size fits all. All the twists and turns of life leave us in different seasons facing different versions of sometimes the same obstacles. It is important to stop and reflect on where your path is currently trucking before making any major decisions. Everyone’s story ends the same; it’s the path that takes us there that’s unique.

Lori Youngblood

 Lori Youngblood is a recovering drug addict. Her mission is to help others gain knowledge about the disease of addiction.