The ONE that heard what I said

I recently spent two days at McKinney High School.  One Tuesday, I showed “Not Me” to over 600 students, and on Wednesday, I gave a power point presentation to those same students for 6 periods straight.  Although my throat was sore, my voice hung in there through it all.

Every time that I speak or do any presentation, I always pray that just ONE person hear what I have to say.  Just ONE.

I received the following email and want to share…

“Hello, I am a student from McKinney High School. You recently did a presentation at my school. I just felt compelled to say thanks.  In the past, I have thought about doing drugs and drinking, and I have done some.

I just had to say thanks for opening my eyes and helping me realize that doing drugs in general is terrible for you, even if it is just weed. You have also helped me realize that doing these drugs can lead to doing worse drugs, that can eventually kill you. I never thought a
drug like Xanax could be that bad.

Also I’m sincerely sorry about what happen to your son. Such a tragic thing to lose a child, even though he was 18.  Keep doing what you’re doing to help others out.
Thank you again Mrs. O’Keefe.”


I shared this with the school administration.  The principal answered back; “I’m sure there were many more than just this one kiddo reached by this message, but even if it is only one, then it was well worth it…especially to that parent!!”