"We Have A Voice!"
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Please join us for our

3rd Annual
Miniature Golf Tournament

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
6:00 - 9:00 pm

Zone Action Park
1951 Summit Avenue
Lewisville, TX  75077

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"There is a predominate voice in the mind of an addict that supersedes all reason, and that voice wants you dead".
     ~Russell Brand

Addiction Awareness Walk
Highland Village, TX

"We Have a Voice!"

On March 22, 2014 we held our 1st annual Addiction Awareness Walk, in an effort to bring education and awareness to the disease. There were over 200 participants as well as great sponsors. Many groups created "Teams" in the name of a specific person.  We had raffle prizes, sponsor network cards with a prize, speakers and ended with a balloon release.  There were facts about addiction everywhere you looked.

Fact:  Two-thirds of the families in the United States are dealing with addiction. 

"We Have a Voice!" and we must use it.  It is imperative that we continue to educate others about the disease of Addiction.  Until we eliminate the stigma and judgement, we will not be able to treat those suffering from this epidemic.

Need Drug Tests?

 Calendar of Events

  Winner's Circle Meetings
  Every Tuesday, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
  Parents and Youth
  Faith Lutheran Church
  Youth Room above Gymnasium
  6000 Morris Road, Flower Mound, TX
For more information call 972-467-7704

   April 26, 2014
   Medication Disposal Day
   10:00 am - 2:00 pm
 Drop off locations at: Flower Mound High School,
   Marcus High School, Lewisville High School, The 
   Colony High School and Hebron Elementary 

   April 30, 2014
   "Healthy Lifestyles" Health Fair
   5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
   Forestwood Middle School
   2810 Morriss Road, Flower Mound, TX
   Over 50 Local and National Organization will share 
    services and information.

   May 6, 2014
   3rd Annual Miniature Golf Tournament

   Zone Action Park, Lewisville, TX

                Register Here

   July 4, 2014
Independence Day Festival
   Bakersfield Park, Flower Mound, TX

   August 31 , 2014
   International Overdose Awareness Day

   September 18, 19, 20th, 2014
Recovery for Life   
   2nd Annual Recovery Film Festival
   University of North Texas

   September, 2014
Medication Disposal Day
   National Recovery Month

   October, 2014
   Red Ribbon Week


Tips For Parent's

Be sure to set family and house rules.  Where, when and with whom can your kids go?  If they are just chilling at a friends house, be sure to contact the friends parents to make sure they are home.  Youth that spend time unsupervised tend to push the rules. 

              "Idle hands are the devils workshop."

Giving your kid's money for entertainment is great.  Insist on receipts to see how they are spending the money.  If you give them $20 and they have receipts for on $10, next time only give them $10.00.  They will quickly learn.  I do not know any drug dealers that give receipts.  (This is a tip that our youth tell parent's they should have done with them.)

Do you have an adult child that is using and living at home, please reach out for help.  Yes, they need to hit rock bottom, but that does not mean you cannot speed it up by raising the bottom.  Need help, just ask. 

It is becoming the norm for parents to drug test their kids from about 6-7th grade on.  It is not because you don't trust them.  It is because you love them.  

Test randomly, about once a month as long as the test comes back negative.  (Pick a number between 1-30 for each month) .
These tests are done in your own home and read within 5 minutes.  If a test comes back positive, initiate the consequences, and test more often.   

Would love to test but the price at the local stores is so high?
WTF now sells a 10 panel drug test cup for $10.00 each.

Call to order  972-467-7704