“NOT ME” Documentary

NOT ME is a film about 8 separate individuals that combined tell a complete story of addiction, denial, and recovery. What started as a 10-min video, organically turned into something much greater and more powerful. We realized that there were a lot of similarities between the stories and that letting these people tell their story would be able to help countless others with their struggle. This allowed for us to create a documentary that tells a very real and honest story with the capability to help countless others.

Our goal is to educate. Families stay in denial until addiction happens to them. Most of them will not educate themselves to the destruction that happens until it becomes necessary. They make drug use a moral issue when it is not. NOT ME helps parents realize that this can happen to normal families. This is happening in areas all over America. If no one speaks out, we cannot change the stigma and the judgment.  It is our hope that this film will be able to start conversations between a parent and a child, a teacher and a student or a neighbor with a neighbor.

If you are interested in a showing, call us at 972.467.7704 or email us.


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