Salvia divinorum can cause you to hallucinate. Unable to tell the difference between fantasy and reality, it’s a state of mind that always leaves you vulnerable to serious situations or fatal accidents.


There are many types of salvia plant, but salvia divinorum is the particular breed that, when ingested or smoked, can cause hallucinogenic effects. Hallucinogens like salvia divinorum make it nearly impossible to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. It can cause you to see, feel and hear things that don’t exist.

The Effects

People who abuse salvia generally experience hallucinations or episodes that mimic psychosis, meaning a complete loss of contact with reality. In this state of mind, you may lose all normal coordination, feel anxious and experience tremors, numbness, memory loss and nausea.

The long-term effects of salvia have not been studied, but experiencing a hallucination or a psychotic episode can make simple activities, like driving or swimming, fatally dangerous.

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