We made a HUGE mistake

We made a HUGE mistake in our family. We thought that our kids were taught about drugs and the consequences of their use at school. Unfortunately, they never really learned why these drugs were so dangerous. Brett was a high risk due to his diagnosed ADHD and impulsive behaviors. Brett died from a mixed drug overdose at 18.  His FRIENDS taught him about drugs.

Red Ribbon Week starts next week. Many schools will be in the “Spirit” of being drug-free. They will sign banners and dress up like cowboys to “Boot drugs out”.

WTF provides education. As a family, we lacked it. You must have it. So next week, we will be posting important information on Facebook, our website and twitter for parents and youth to learn the real consequences of the drugs available in our communities.

I encourage every parent to take the extra time to follow us next week as we provide education to discuss with your child.

An estimated 20 million Americans aged 12 or older used an illegal drug in the past 30 days.  Those statistics prove that we cannot afford to believe that this will never happen in our family.  We must be educated and discuss this “Sensitive” subject.  Drugs destroy everything.  Our family knows this first hand.

Follow us next week.   And please, share with your friends.  Let’s be sure we use Red Ribbon Week to bring awareness.  A person in the US dies from a drug overdose every 13 minutes and addiction touches 3 out of 4 people in some way.  We must keep our families healthy.

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Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/winningthefight/

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